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Contact Us if you own a retail store, want to sell ScientificFly products, want to become an agent/distributor outside of South Africa, if you want to join us on one of our hosted trips, of if you have questions about any of our products.

ScientificFly trades with retailers and distributors only but we are more than willing to share our knowledge and expertise with anyone who uses our products. Whether you are an existing customer, new customer wanting to stock our products or just a crazy fisherman needing advice please feel free to contact us via email, telephone or fax. If you are interested in joining us on one of our hosted trips operated under our Chasing Targets brand, please feel free to contact us direct. Follow us on Facebook to see what we are up to, where we fish and what new products we are working on.

Telephone: +27 13 741 2232
Fax: +27 865 136 129
Skype: scientificflymobile

Postal Address:
Postnet 16
Private Bag X11326
South Africa