Chasing Targets is our travel program which will allow you to get involved in product development and testing. What better way to do it than to join us on a hosted trip to a hand selected destination. Or alternatively, let us book this destination for you while making sure you have the correct gear in hand.

Started as a product development company, ScientificFly has grown to become the largest fly supplier in South Africa since 2001. Over the years we expanded our product ranges to be much more comprehensive, as well as adding a range of tying components and materials. Being only a distributor, we felt a strong need to interact with the end user when it comes to product development and testing and this gave birth to Chasing Targets. Chasing Targets is the perfect way to test and introduce new products and ideas to the end user. Our destinations are hand selected in order to put our products to the ultimate test.

Even though we started in 2001 our fly fishing experience dates back to the 80’s and fly fishing industry experience to the early 90’s, specializing in product development and commercial fly tying. This combined with extensive global fly fishing experience will ensure a trip of a lifetime. This is our way of interacting and sharing our knowledge and experience with the end user.