ScientificFly Advantage

When you buy ScientificFly’s products you don’t just deal with the product on the store shelf, you deal with a product that came a long way in order to satisfy not only the end user but also the retailers. To us it is not only important to have a good quality product, it is equally important that our products are presentable to the eye of the consumer, easily identifiable, informative and affordable:

“Product quality is extremely important to us and just as important is service and delivery. Our service is way above the average that you will find in this industry and our delivery is quick and accurate.”

Our Advantage

1. Colour Coded Packaging

Our colour coded packaging separates different product ranges from each other to enable you to easily identify them.

2. Informative Labels

All the information about the product is printed on the labels i.e. size, colour, weight and quantity.

3. A Unique Barcode

All our products are marked with a unique barcode. Barcodes are registered with GS1 South Africa. These barcodes are unique and belong to ScientificFly. This means that no matter where our products are sold in the world, there will not be another barcode conflicting with ours in the same store.